Our Mission


The board aims to advance universal access to quality TB care and prevention, to mitigate risks to the provision of TB control activities, and to promote awareness of TB across the South of England.

Core functions

  • Oversee, support and monitor all aspects of local TB control, including clinical and public health services;

  • Support the seven local TB networks in the South and unblock challenges that occurs with regards to local implementation of the Collaborative TB Strategy 2015-2019;

  • Engage commissioners and health providers on the full and consistent use of current national guidelines in particular those of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE);

  • Monitor the local TB situation, and measure progress in TB care, control, and prevention;
  • Work collaboratively with NHS England so that appropriate accountability arrangements are in place to ensure good TB care and prevention;

  • Ensure TB cohort reviews are  undertaken at least annually and key issues are fed back to key stakeholders and appropriate action is taken;

  • Ensure the needs of under-served populations with TB are addressed and health inequalities are reduced;

  • Ensure the delivery of local programmes of new entrant latent TB testing and treatment in areas of high TB incidence, using the tools developed by the national TB team and PHE;

  • Ensure appropriate TB awareness raising in collaboration with the third sector and local authorities; 

  • Facilitate and engage in partnerships for TB action.

Collaborative TB Strategy 10 key areas for action